NTAC 2018 Gala

2018 Gala Saluting New York City’s Nonprofits and the Neighborhoods They Serve

2018 Gala

Join us at our 2018 Gala to strengthen the efforts of NYC nonprofits to our neighborhoods.  Your support will provide technical assistance training to grassroots organizations as well as funds for others throughout 2018.  RSVP Here

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Message

2018 Gala_Borough Presidents

2018 Gala_NTAC Board of DirectorsNTAC Board of Directors

Rev. Dr. Valerie Oliver-Durrah, President/CEO
Rev. Sylvia G. Kinard, Esq., Board Chair
Rev. Kanyere Eaton, Vice Chair
Gayle Gilbert, Secretary/Treasurer


2018 Gala_Entertainment


2018 Honorees

2018 Gala_Honorees

And Leaders Who Are Making a Difference in NYC Neighborhoods
The proceeds from the gala will provide technical assistance training to the following nonprofits or neighborhood leaders.  See our full list of grantees for the last 11 years:

2018 Grantees

2018 Gala_Nonprofits

2018 Gala Advertisers

2018 Gala_Advertisers


In-Kind Donations

2018 Gala_In-Kind


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