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The Neighborhood Technical
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The Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic is pleased to have a growing list of faith-based clients and has developed programs, seminars and retreats that focus the special needs of the faith-based community. 


NTAC President and CEO, Rev. Dr. Valerie Oliver-Durrah was ordained by Conference of International Charismatic Ministries, New Covenant Dominion Cathedral on Saturday, November 24, 2012.


.....times of uncertainty become opportunities for faith-based leaders to preclude themselves from the rhetoric of social gospel to the actualization of community development work both biblically and theologically to re-envision Christ and His Great Commission to community-driven disciples.

“LEAD ME, GUIDE ME: ENGAGING THE FAITH COMMUNITY IN NONPROFIT WORK” is a self help guide, designed for clergywomen, who are interested in engaging in nonprofit work.  It  provides key information on how to enable community development work that creates change, with care. Click here to find out more.



NTAC's Faith-based programs began in association with Auburn Theological Seminary, The Riverside Church and The Sister Fund and presented its first collaboration  Aint I a Leader:  The Black Women Clergy Project, on March 11, 2008. Click here to view a slideshow of the event

To a gathering of more than 90, Rev. Dr. Laura Sinclair, Rev. Dr, Barbara Lucus, Rev. LaGretta BJorn, Rev. Dr. Elenor Moody Shepherd, and Rev. Dr. Phyllis Carter explored  how the life and work of experienced African-American women in ministry can serve as a source of empowerment and inspiration for the newly ordained, lay women within the black church, and committed women of faith from other traditions.

Since then, NTAC has worked closely with churches and clergy whose missions reach deep into the needs of their parishes and neighborhoods not only uplifting spirits but in keeping families together through health, skill-building and substance abuse prevention programs and support groups- to name only a few faith-based endeavors.

Trainings and Consultations now offered through NTAC : 

  • Development of a Community Development Corporate CDC 501 C3

  • You’ll Want To Be In That  Number-On Learning How To Run a Ministry

  • Never Could Have Made It Without Our Young Leaders

  • Understanding A Budget (Income and Expense Items)

  • Making a Way Out of No Way: How to Run a Meeting

  • Trust God: Tithe

  • Strengthen Nonprofits by Teaching the Art of “Networking”

  • What’s Good Hospitality for a Church

  • Volunteers Are Vital to Supporting Nonprofits and Faith-Based Institutions Through This Financial Crisis

  • Volunteer Training-On How to Select and Work with Nonprofits

  • Establish Board Development and Addressing Boards For Faith-Based Institutions

  • Identifying Sponsors for Media Ministry and Floral Memorials

  • Developing a Development Plan for Capital Projects

  • Yes We Can! Yes We Will! Yes We Must! : A Guide to Develop a Strategic Plan

Faith-Based Accolades

What New York Theological Seminary Students are saying about training provided by Rev. (Dr.) Valerie Oliver-Durrah  Read More...

...In the short time that we share in the classroom laboratory as you framed it; you provided a clear focus, guidelines, and useful resources that will help me build a strong fundraising strategy for the church....Patricia Kerr

I feel that the Fundraising Course offered at NYTS was incredibly beneficial for me. I think that it is a class that many students at this Seminary should take. There are many strong fundraising principles that will aid any person in their ministry and community service endeavors....Warren B. Hicks

As a new assigned pastor six months into my pastorate this course offering came at a timely and appropriate season to gain understanding of what the essentials of developing fundraising strategies are all about. I am pleased with the wealth of resources that I became informed with...Rev. Earl I. Lewis


I am so glad to know you, and look forward to the future. My colleague also remarked on the event. She is part of the team that is committed to what Auburn can do to further the work and ministry of African –American women of faith! We’ll be in touch soon. Much peace.  Dr. Lisa Anderson, Education Programs Associate, Auburn Theological Seminary.

First of all I would like to thank Rev. Tina Baker and the staff of Life Without Limits for sharing this powerful Symposium with me.  Outside of this symposium, I have never received an invitation to a forum of empowerment for women in this region before.  I praise God that Rev. Baker is not selfish with the information that she receives and was inspired to have Valerie Oliver-Durrah speak and share her wealth of information with the ladies.  Lady Melanie Leathers. Life Changing Ministries (Queens, NY)

“Specific, helpful, 'real world' information; and gracious, expert delivery by Ms. Oliver-Durrah.”  -Annie Rawlings, The Beck Institute on Religion and Policy 

To you, Sis. Valerie, thank you for your energy, thoughtfulness and visioning!  You are a gift in the body of Christ.  Rev. Dr. P. Kimberleigh Jordan, Women’s Ministry at Marble Collegiate Church

Some of Our Hosts, Sponsors and Faith-Based Events

The Interchurch Center Hosts a Women’s History Month Celebration March 6, 2014.  Post Event Release


Rev. Dr. Gina M Stewart
Rev. Kanyere Eaton, Exec.
Director and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Founder, The Sister Fund
Valerie Oliver-Durrah with Reverend Dr. Barbara Austin Lucas

Black Clergy Women Retreat, New Mexico; July 2009, funded by The Sister Fund

Black Clergy Women Retreat, August 2009, The Victorian Mansion, Brooklyn, NY, funded by The Sister Fund.  Left to right: 
Rev. Dr. Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas, Rev. Dr. Sallie Cuffee, Rev. Dr.
Itihari Y. Toure, Valerie Oliver-Durrah, Rev. Kanyere Eaton

NTAC’s President Valerie Oliver-Durrah, former Memphian, and The Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart, Pastor of Christ Missionary Baptist Church, Memphis Tennessee.


Rev. Dr. Claudette A .

Ain't I a Leader Program

In 2009, Black clergy women shared their calls to and experiences with social justice ministries relevant and vital to our city, our country, our world in the Ain't I a Leader program.  Leading that discussion were:  Rev. Dr. Cheryl Anthony, Rev. Dr. Barbara Lucus, Rev. Annie Bovian, Rev. Violet Dease, Rev. Dr. Emma Jordon Simpson, Rev. Pamela Ward.  2009 Slideshow.

2009 Ain't I a Leader:  Panelists Pictured above:   (L to R)  The Rev. Dr. Barbara Austin-Lucas, The Rev. Violet L. Dease,  Valerie Oliver-Durrah, The Rev. Dr. Cheryl G. Anthony, The Rev. Pamela L. Ward, The Rev. Annie Bovian, The Rev. Emma Jordan-Simpson. 

In March of 2010,  Ain't I a Leader borrowed from the text of the Song of Solomon 1: 5-6, and was titled Black Women in Ministry Committed to Caring for Ourselves.   

I am black but lovely,
         O daughters of Jerusalem,
         Like the tents of Kedar,
         Like the curtains of Solomon.
Do not stare at me because I am swarthy,
         For the sun has burned me.
         My mother’s sons were angry with me;
         They made me caretaker of the vineyards,
         But I have not taken care of my own vineyard.

Leading the discussion were: Rev. Kanyere Eaton and Rev. Dr. Katie Cannon.

On March 10, 2011, NTAC's Ain't I A Leader program supported  Judah International Christian Center's  African American Leaders in Response to HIV/AIDS Summit entitled, Women of Faith Advocating for Change and was  presented  in association with National Black Leadership Commission on  Aides on March 10, 2011, the birthday of Harriet Tubman. March 10th  is also National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day. NTAC assisted with outreach to black clergy women, HIV experts in NYC and provided a copy of the Black Girls in New York City report: Untold Strength and Resilience commissioned by Black Women for Black Girls.  

On Monday March 28, 2011, Ain't I a Leader?  Black Women in Ministry Summit focused upon 
Caring for Our Own Vineyards - Self-Care as a Mandate for Prophetic Ministry at Auburn Theological Seminary
3041 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

Presented by Auburn Theological Seminary in association with NTAC

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Lisa Anderson
Rev. Dr. Barbara Austin-Lucas
Rev. Dr. Cheryl G. Anthony
Rev. Tina Baker
Rev. Kathlyn Barrett-Layne
Rev. Lagretta Bjorn
Rev. Annie Bovian
Dr. Valerie Bridgeman
Rev. Annie Brown
Rev. Judy L. Brown
Rev. Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon
Rev. Dr. Phyllis E. Carter
Rev. Dr. Claudette Copeland
Minister Catharine Cummings
Rev. Violet L. Dease
Dr. Cynthia Diaz
Rev. Kanyere Eaton
Dr. Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas
Rev. Brenda Girton-Mitchell, Esq
Minister Helen Holtz-Vasquez
Rev. Maggie M. Howard
Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook
Rev. Dr. P. Kimberleigh Jordan
Rev. Dr. Emma Jordan-Simpson
Rev. Sylvia Kinard, Esq
Apostle Wanda D. Lang
Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Lewis
Minister Jeralyn B. Major
Rev. Dr. Eleanor Moody-Shepherd
Rev. Dr. Laura B. Sinclair
Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart
Rev. Linda Tarry-Chard
Dr. Itihari Y. Toure
Rev. Charisse R. Tucker
Rev. Marva D. Usher-Kerr
Rev. Pamela L. Ward

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