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Thank you so much for your words and inspirations,  It's hard, believe it or not, to get experienced women to guide you without squashing your dreams.  Thanks.  
Lady Tania Michael

I loved Valerie! She has the knowledge, expertise and energy to break challenging concepts down into steps that seem easy to follow.
Petya Kizilova, Global Education Associates



·         Donor Advisement including Family Foundations.

·         Executive Coaching for individuals to address a wide range of quality of life issues.

·         Funding and Grantmaking Assistance provides corporations, foundations, individuals and government agencies advice and recommendations on which groups to fund or support; how to structure a grant making program; and how to focus desired outcomes in grant making criteria.

·         Project Assistance & Consultation — affordable expert assistance for individual organizations and nonprofit related endeavors:  in developing programs, identifying staff and operational needs, locating funding sources.

·         Board Strategy & Consultation — consultation that focuses key areas of Board of Director and Executive Director effectiveness in all aspects of nonprofit management.

·         Meet the Grantmakers — Annual forums present dialogues between funders and nonprofit organizations, designed to cover a wide range of topics concerning both the funder and the nonprofit organizations, how they work separately, and how they can work more collaboratively together.

·         Community Capacity Builder Awards Program — Annual awards presented to funders and organizations who support projects on the front lines of neighborhood life, in appreciation for their interest in and commitment to New York City Neighborhoods.

·         Grant Writing 101 — This workshop is designed for the novice fundraiser or executive director who would like to learn or strengthen his/her capacity to more effectively write winning proposals, with emphasis on organizing your proposal and short cuts to writing the proposal.  (see other trainings available through NTAC)

·         Marketing Outreach and Special Events — assistance in developing forums, events, campaigns, publications and fund raising strategies.

·         Staff/Volunteer Training — technical assistance and training designed to increase organizational capacity.  Subject areas include: effective collaboration, conflict resolution, communication/speaking skills, managing for change.

·         Faith-Based Services — programs, seminars and retreats that focus on the special needs of the faith-based community, Black Clergy Women, and other religious sectors.

·         Speakers and Trainers — for workshops, programs, specialized initiatives and events.

·         Continuing Education (Adjunct Professor) — professional and skills development through customized courses for neighborhood organizations, individuals, and faith based institutions.  These courses are offered in collaboration with colleges, universities and other academic institutions.

·         Technical Assistance and Training Program — developed to strengthen nonprofit work in New York City.

·         Ain’t I A Leader — a project designed for Black Clergy Women and the Prophetic Tradition brings together Black women from a variety of experiences, perspectives and from across generational and professional lines, for frank, spirit-filled conversations about the particular issues and challenges confronting Black women religious leaders today.


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