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Faith-Based Services_Black Women's Clergy

Ain’t I a Leader: The Black Women Clergy Project, on March 11, 2008.

The Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic is pleased to have a growing list of faith-based services and clients.  Our programs, seminars and retreats focus the special needs of the faith-based community.

NTAC’s Faith-based programs began in association with Auburn Theological Seminary, The Riverside Church and The Sister Fund when we presented our  first collaboration –  Ain’t I a Leader:  The Black Women Clergy Project, on March 11, 2008

To a gathering of more than 90, Rev. Dr. Laura Sinclair, Rev. Dr, Barbara Lucus, Rev. LaGretta Bjorn, Rev. Dr. Eleanor Moody Shepherd, and Rev. Dr. Phyllis Carter explored  how the life and work of experienced African-American women in ministry can serve as a source of empowerment and inspiration for the newly ordained, lay women within the black church, and committed women of faith from other traditions.

NTAC President and CEO, Rev. Dr. Valerie Oliver-Durrah was ordained by Conference of International Charismatic Ministries, New Covenant Dominion Cathedral on Saturday, November 24, 2012.

Since then, NTAC has worked closely with churches and clergy whose missions reach deep into the needs of their parishes and neighborhoods not only uplifting spirits but in keeping families together through health, skill-building and substance abuse prevention programs and support groups- to name only a few faith-based endeavors.

To see our most recent faith-based initiatives CLICK HERE


Among the special faith-based services and workshops that NTAC offers are:

  • Development of a Community Development Corporate CDC 501 C3
  • You’ll Want To Be In That  Number-On Learning How To Run a Ministry
  • Never Could Have Made It Without Our Young Leaders
  • Understanding A Budget (Income and Expense Items)
  • Making a Way Out of No Way: How to Run a Meeting
  • Trust God: Tithe
  • Strengthen Nonprofits by Teaching the Art of “Networking”
  • What’s Good Hospitality for a Church
  • Volunteers Are Vital to Supporting Nonprofits and Faith-Based Institutions Through This Financial Crisis
  • Volunteer Training-On How to Select and Work with Nonprofits
  • Establish Board Development and Addressing Boards For Faith-Based Institutions
  • Identifying Sponsors for Media Ministry and Floral Memorials
  • Developing a Development Plan for Capital Projects
  • Yes We Can! Yes We Will! Yes We Must! : A Guide to Develop a Strategic Plan

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