International Advisement

NTAC’s portfolio includes a comprehensive list of essential components for sound nonprofit services and effective philanthropy that is called upon both for National and International advisement

Through workshops, dialogues, forums, and events, we are known for our learning-circle environments where participants are able to benefit from and with their peers and from expert presenters on topics meaningful for International advisement such as:

  • infrastructure capacity and development
  • opportunities for expansion
  • program evolution and development
  • fundability and strategic development
  • targeted networking strategy
  • marketing and communication
  • community engagement and development

As a result, Dr. Durrah and the Neighborhood Technical Assistance Clinic have been called upon to advise a growing list of International foundations and initiatives.

Among them:

International Advisement

Mr. Forde, Dr. Durrah, and Matron Clarissa Christopher of the Fiennes Institute

The Fiennes Institute of Antigua & Barbuda at the behest of Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack.


St. Kitts/Nevis Fire Department Youth Development Program under the Ministry of Homeland Security.


Dr Stanley Everton Caines is honored by Kittian American Benevolent Association (KABA) on the
ocassion of its 30th Anniversary.

The Caines Family Foundation, the first family foundation to support the Ministry of Health in addressing diabetes.


Negril Education Environment Trust (NEET) providing technical assistance for advancing opportunities for the young people of Negril.


Ade’s House, a nonprofit in St. Kitts received technical assistance from NTAC who worked with youth and adults to create awareness & raise financial support & supplies for severely disadvantaged and special needs individuals.


International Advisement

Busia Compassionate Care-Kenya, Africa

Busia Compassionate Care for Children, a nonprofit in Busia, Kenya where Stella Eqesa has over 100 orphanaged children in need. NTAC will serve on an International Advisory Committee for the orphanage in Busia to identify support and resources as needed.


Care Project, A nonprofit in Antigua where NTAC provided technical assistance has raised money to purchase a Voice Box for Kevorn in collaboration with Lady Saundra Scotland Williams. NTAC also served on the Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams, advisory committee to restore the historic Governors house.


International Advisements

Dr. Durrah was included in the Cultural Tour in Bahia, Brazil to learn about the similarities between African Americans and Afro-Brazilians.

The Association of Black Executive Directors, a nonprofit located in NYC travelled to Brazil for an exchange program to learn about cultural diffusion of Afro Brazilian and share information with Brazil brothers and sisters about the Afro American cultural. The tour was led by Marlene Milton of Africavent supported by photo journalist Robert Eilets. The program was designed to create cross cultural dialogue and placements of Black Executive Directors in nonprofits located in Brazil and the USA.


American Foundation for the University of West Indies, a nonprofit, which provides scholarships for students from Caribbean Islands to attend college. Rev. Dr. Valerie Oliver Durrah presents annually the Invocation each year at its “Legacy Continues” gala.


Dr. Durrah shown here with the Officials of Carnival preparing for the 50th Anniversary of celebrating Carnival in Antigua.

West Indian American Day Carnival. Carnival in Antigua & Barbuda is an annual event. Rev. Dr. Durrah delivered a congratulations letter on behalf of the West Indian American Day Carnival, and moderated the awards presentations to the musicians who were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Antigua & Barbuda Carnival.


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