Capacity and Skill-Building Workshops are designed to provide a learning circle environment where participants are able to learn with their peers and from expert presenters within special fields.  They are also meant to increase capacity for new areas of expertise. 
Board Evaluation, Board Recruitment and Outreach – this workshop goes through a step by step process toward better evaluation, information about the evaluation instrument, simple ways to analyze remarks and setting realistic goals for change.  Learn how to recruit and where to locate prospective members.

Coaching Workshops – For executive directors, managers and board members who want to move their nonprofit organizations or their personal lives forward in more effective ways.

  • Life Transition
  • Career Development
  • General Procrastination
  • Employment and Unemployment Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Advancement and Enhancement
  • Networking and Marketing Yourself
  • Skills Development
  • Retirement Options and Transition
  • Integrating Balance in Your Life
  • Volunteer and Board Placement
  • Nonprofit Management and Infrastructure Development
  • Personal and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Writing Development
  • Overcoming Fear

Executive Coaching – Are you where you want to be?  This workshop will help you get the results you want by focusing four key areas:  Business Development; Professional Skills; Life Balance; Networking.

Expanding Fundraising Strategies – In order to carry out its mission an organization must be fiscally sound.  It must maintain the confidence and financial support of its members, donors, volunteers and the public at large.  This workshop is designed for executive directors, development and program staff who are challenged to raise money for the organization.  Come prepared to think outside of the box!

Fundraising in an Ailing Economy – This workshop is designed to address and assess fundraising barriers, look at new alternative fundraising strategies, and how to involve your board in fundraising and how to effectively prepare for a site visit from a funder.

How Do You Approach a Corporation for Sponsorship? – Meet and hear from two corporate representatives on how to approach their companies for support.

Planning an Event – A successful event is a well known method for raising money for nonprofits.  But it requires a well thought-out program with a purpose, a realistic budget and an organizational structure.  This workshop reviews all the steps and strategies you will need in your arsenal.

NEW  Planning for Affordable On-Line Presence and Social Network Strategies – This workshop is available in one or two modules and is designed to offer executive directors, board members and managers a solid working knowledge of the options and skills necessary to communicate in digital environments, including associated costs. 

Proposal Writing 101 – This workshop is designed for the novice fundraiser or executive director who would like to learn or strengthen capacity to more effectively write winning proposals.  Emphasis is placed on organizing your proposal and short cuts to writing it.

  • Learn the 14 components of a proposal format
  • Know the do’s and don’ts in grant writing
  • Receive five tips on how to write the cover letter
  • Understand the staff and board responsibilities in fundraising
  • Receive a fund development resource folder
  • Receive a Common Grant Application (used by over 60 funders)

Special Event Planning – A one day seminar providing practical tools to explore your entrepreneurial aspirations.  Discover how you can start a small business or charge a fee for special event planning.  Learn how to charge for your services, market your business and more effectively services.

Starting a Neighborhood Giving Circle – In the past few years, thousands of friends, neighbors, co-workers and community members have been forming independent groups to engage in a new form of philanthropy.  It is called shared giving.  To learn how to take steps to start your own giving circle, this workshop will review what other giving circles are doing and what types of projects they are supporting.

Strategies for Writing Effective Progress Reports to Your Funders (A Skills Building Workshop)- Now that you have been successful in obtaining a grant, the next step is to report on the progress of your work to the funder.  Please bring your proposal’s) from which you will need to prepare your progress report.


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