The Positive Community Covers NTAC Founder

In the June/July issue The Positive Community covers NTAC founder, Rev. Dr. Valerie Oliver-Durrah

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The Positive Community_NTAC Gala celebrating community- and faith-based nonprofits

Hon Mayor Dinkins; Malika Kalerton, nonprofit grant awardee; Rev Dr Valerie Oliver-Durrah, founder of NTAC; Adrian A Council, publisher of The Positive Community; Bishop Ebony Kirkland

Following an article of October 2014, Glenda Cadogan, of The Positive Community, revisited Dr. Durrah’s nonprofit journey which has, over the last four years embraced the faith-based community in its mission to build stronger and better organizations responsive to community needs.  In the June/July 2018 issue of The Positive Community, Dr. Durrah commented: “Since the article I have seen a shift in my work toward more engagement with faith communities focussing on results rather than activities.”

Part of that refocus meant writing a self-help manual geared particularly toward pastors and churches in neighborhoods where social services were not effective in meeting parishioners needs.  And this lead to publishing Lead Me: Guide Me: Capacity Building Resource Guide, designed to assist clergy women who are interested in engaging in nonprofit work.

Quoting Ms. Cadogan: “The guidebook provides important information for New York State, tax exemption instruction, board development tips, the 20 biggest fundraising mistakes, and scriptural evidence confirming the need for community service, volunteer work and women helping in the community.”

From where Dr. Durah now stands, she feels that “after 30 years of community-based work, she is now more enthused with transforming lives than providing a service.”  It seems to be catching on.  Since 2008, NTAC has worked closely with churches and clergy whose missions reach deep into the needs of their parishes and neighborhoods not only uplifting spirits but in keeping families together through health, skill-building and substance abuse prevention programs and support groups- to name only a few faith-based endeavors.  Among her associations are Auburn Theological Seminary, Antioch Baptist Church of Queens, Fellowship Covenant Church, Tremont United Methodist Church, Convent Avenue Baptist Church, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church (Brooklyn), Redeemed Outreach Ministries & Publications Intl., Inc., St. Luke Baptist Church, Stapleton Union American Methodist, Episcopal Church Staten Island Council of Churches, Trinity Baptist Church and Women Advocate Ministry, Inc.


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